Amorrack Monitoring and Evaluation Network (AMEN) is our flagship multipurpose and highly customizable Evidence-Based Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Software platform for Remote Monitoring and Evaluation of Development Project Portfolios at the National, Regional, District and Assembly levels of governance. AMEN provides an M&E Solution to track projects remotely in near real-time. AMEN also serves a platform for Collaborative Learning and Adapting (CLA). AMEN can be deployed on-premise/site or cloud-based. AMEN was developed on the Results Based Management Framework. It is highly modular and can be adapted for use by government ministries, departments and agencies to track projects in near- real and real- time. AMEN is a versatile tool for monitoring and evaluation and for sharing information in real time with various stakeholders. AMEN was developed by a dedicated team of Monitoring and Evaluation Experts, Management Information Systems (MIS) Developers, Data Architects, Business Analysts, Software Engineers and Cyber Security experts. AMEN fills the tool gap in Remote/Real-Time Performance Management and Monitoring & Evaluation to provide evidence to support Decision Making and Learning.


  • Planning – data entry and notifications system
  • Monitoring – data entry, export in various formats
  • Key program updates featuring images, narratives, and custom fields for complete data collection
  • Data Collection, validation and data quality checks
  • Real-time Data Processing and Analytics
  • Integrated report generation Reporting – national, sector and district, reports, graphs and ad-hoc custom reporting capability
  • Geo-tagging of project and mapping
  • Collaborative Learning and Adapting (CLA)
  • Executive dashboards and Role-based user dashboards that Accumulate data, for easy-to-use data visualization
  • Decision support system



User Friendly

  • Budget Tracking- Match project budgets to project activities in real-time
  • Project Tracking-Track project activities and status in real time using real time GIS-based maps and images
  • Integrates Data-From multiple Sources
  • Reusable-Form templates
  • Interactive/Customized Report Generation- Reports can be generated, daily, weekly or as determined from,
  • Scalable- Start small and scale up as needed
  • Real Time Tracking- of project grantees and sub-contractors
  • Dashboards- Showing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Indicator Tracking Tables (ITTs)
  • Login-and Secured Access control protocols
  • Data Entry/Data Quality Assurance-Online/offline/mobile
  • Secured-End-to end data transmission
  • Data Analytics- Real time analysis to support evidence-based decision making.


AMEN can be used for managing and tracking (remotely and in near real-time) the following:

  • Multi-donor/Multi-Country Projects/Programs
  • Multi-donor/Single Country Projects/Programs
  • Multi-Agency/In-country Projects/Programs
  • Multi-Institutional Projects/Programs
  • Institutional Projects/Programs.