Amorrack welcomes assignments in the following areas:

(a) Risk Assessment- determining your corporate cybersecurity posture
• Assets Mapping
• Identification of Security Threats & Vulnerabilities
• Risk Determination and Prioritizing
• Analysis and Development of Security Controls
• Documentation of results from Risk Assessment Report (RAP)
• Creation of Remediation Plan (RP) to mitigate risks (POAM)
• Implementation of Recommendations
• Continuous monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness of implemented remediation

(b) Security Control Assessment- Assessing the efficacy of your implemented corporate security controls
• Management Security Controls Assessment
• Operational Security Controls Assessment
• Technical Security Controls Assessment

(c) Compliance Assessment-Degree of corporate compliance to industry and regulatory standards
• Compliance with GLBA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley, IRS 1075, and other regulatory requirements and international standards such as ISO/IEC 27001, 27002.

(d) Vulnerability Assessment- How exposed is your corporate network to threats? including:
• Social Engineering Vulnerability Assessment
• Host-Based Vulnerability Assessment
• Network-Based Vulnerability Assessment
• Application-Based Vulnerability Assessment
• API-Based Vulnerability Assessment
• Wireless Network Vulnerability Assessment

(e) Penetration Testing- Actual live Assessment your corporate network infrastructure and security policies for vulnerability, and co-creating remediations.

(f) Security Awareness Training- Corporate security awareness training to reduce cybersecurity incidents and events

(g) Fintech Logistics Support-Synergizing with Fintech to find new markets for products and platforms